Different Types of Cooled Display Cases

Anyone who runs a grocery store or food market understands that it is essential for them to have the ability to display their food in a cold environment.  In order to make sure that your customers have access to the food while also keeping it fresh, you will need to put it in a display that is cooled.  There are different types of displays that will work for different applications.

Smaller, Non-Refrigerated Display Cases

If you are running a small food market, then you want a display that will be small enough to fit into a specific part of your store.  If that’s the case, you might consider a mobile ice table instead of a refrigerated display case.  The benefit is that the table will only take up about four feet instead of an entire wall, and it also might save you a little money on electricity.  The negative side is that you will have to make sure to refill the ice to keep the food on display cool.

Closeup Display Cases

If you want something a little bit bigger that you can put up against a wall and is refrigerated, you might consider a closeup display case.  This is a case that will allow customers immediate access to the food items on display, and you will not have to worry about filling it with ice.  These cases, of course, will take up a little more room than the ice tables.

Island Display Cases

These cases come in different sizes, and they are easy to find in refrigerated forms.  You can place them in the middle of the floor, but you will still need to find ways to power them.

The display case you choose will largely be dependent upon the product itself, as well as the size and the layout of your store.

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